Let's hear it!

Please help us by providing feedback to this brief Krossin' Keuka survey.  You may also email swim@keukacomfortcarehome.org with any additional comments and ideas. 

1) If the date for Krossin' Keuka moved to one week earlier (7/22/2023) would you still attend?
Yes, that works for me
I'm not sure
No, I could not make it
2) The event is well organized
One of the best
It's good
So - So
Not organized at all

3) The DJ at Krossin' Keuka is
I could take it or leave it
I don't like the music at the event
4) Should we offer more Krossin' Keuka promotional items like the hats and beach towels?
Yes! I didn't even get one before they sold out.
Maybe, they are nice to have.
No, I don't think they are worth the time.

5) I received email updates...
Perfect amount
Could have had a few more
Too many
6) The path is well marked for participants.
Yes, I love those orange bouys
It's good enough
It needs work

7) I feel safe at Krossin' Keuka
Yes, I know the safety team is there for me
I'm not sure
I didn't feel safe at all
8) The registration fee ($20 early and $25 regular) is reasonable for this event.
It should be higher
It's the right amount
It should be lower

9) The minimum fundraising amount ($150) is reasonable for this type of event.
I think it's too low!
It's the right amount
It should be lower
10) I love the Tshirts made from
I don't care what kind of shirt I receive.

11) The details of the event were clear to me when I registered
Yes, I am an expert!
I understood most of it
I had no idea what I was doing
12) The Friday night check-in is an efficient process
Yes, you guys know what you're doing!
It worked just fine
No, check-in needs improvement

13) I am a Friend on the Krossin' Keuka Facebook Page
Yes, I check-in often
Not yet, but I will add it soon
I'm not on Facebook
14) The breakfast at the beach is
Great, don't change a thing
Good enough
Needs some work

15) This was my -------- time participating in Krossin' Keuka
First year
Second-third year
Fourth-fifth year
Six-seventh year
8 or more years
16) I heard about Krossin' Keuka from
I'm a past participant
Saw a poster in town
A friend told me
Post card Mailing
Finger Lakes Times

17) I will email written comments to swim@keukacomfortcarehome.org
Yes, email is coming soon
No, this is all I have to say