Safety Information

The Krossin' Keuka Planning Team and Yates County Sheriff's Office Marine Patrol Unit have several systems and plans for the safety of our participants and spectators.

During the swim, Krossin' Keuka safety team consists of:

  • Marine Patrol boats with Marine Patrol Deputies on Board
  • Several designated safety boats
  • Paddlers who participate in Krossin' Keuka
  • Certified life guards



Paddlers are part of the Krossin' Keuka safety team and play an immportant role because they are closest to the swimmers in the water. They are the Safety Team's eyes and ears, and not only offer encouragement and coaching, but also offer PFD to swimmers in need.
It is required that all paddlers attend a safety briefing, regardless of experience or previous participation.  The briefing is held prior to 7 AM on the day of the event. You cannot participate in Krossin' Keuka unless you attend the morning briefing.